Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog # 477 Mothers' Day

Blog # 477   Mothers' Day

                 Another good thing about our American tradition is that we celebrate Thanksgiving Day,

Fathers' Day, and Mothers' Day.  There is a special wholesomeness about these days.

                  I do not know where the idea came from to represent the birth of a child as a special

delivery from a stork, but it surely has been a firm tradition.  Any mother knows how much

difference there is in this from the real thing! 

                    The long nine months of waiting,  the concentration of energy and almost total

dedication to this event, and the pain of it, can only be known fully by someone who has gone

though it all.

                    So yesterday we honored and thanked all mothers as well as our own for their saying yes

to God, for giving and caring for new life, for the very special love and inspiration that is a  mother's,

for giving all that it cost them to love, even at times when the price was high.