Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog # 171 Anatomy of a blog

Blog # 171 Anatomy of a blog

This morning I had the good intention of getting two Blogs ready to be published. I had some thoughts in my mind about eternal life but none of them seemed to focus well. With some disappointment and a minor sense of frustration I decided to back off and get to reading and responding to the emails that came in since yesterday. Before I realized it the morning was gone. I tried again but could not get anything I thought was appropriate from my mind into words for the computer.

... .... ...

Now here it is already three o'clock in the afternoon and all I have is what you have been reading. I don't know where it is going but I am happy it is on its way, and even this far along. I almost gave up when all I had was Blog # 171 in the title box waiting for the next blog.

I wondered why I could not get going with a blog and what I could do about it. Then I looked up at the title of my blogspot and the word Insights grabbed my attention. I looked it up in the dictionary and found that insight means an ability to see and clearly understand the inner nature of things. That is exactly what I thought it meant. I thought how it is that insights come to me easily and plentifully.

The most recent one was just an hour or so ago. Yesterday my wrist watch stopped, I think it just needs a new battery but did not get out to check it today. I have a back-up pocket watch for just such occasions as this. As I took that out of my pocket I thought of how we say a watch tells us what time it is. But a watch doesn't tell time. The sun tells time and watches merely register the witness of the sun. And the sun belongs to God and is regulated by God, so really it is God Who tells us the time! Thank You, Lord! And thank you for my watch which keeps telling what time it is all night long while the sun is shining on the folks in Hong Kong. I wish I could tell the folks over there, and evrywhere the sun shines, it is Your sun and Jesus is Your Son!

This illustrates how insights get to the inner nature of things. There is so much more than appears on the surface, as bright and wonderful as that might be. Thank You,Lord!

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