Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog # 145 A Goal for Life

Blog # 145 A Goal for Life May 29, 1954 I was ordained to the priesthood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today is my 57th anniversary. For the past two months, since my open heart surgery, I have been living at the parish rectory in the guest room. I am planning to move back to my own residence in a small house belonging to the Parish on the other side of the church parking lot. I walked over there this afternoon to look it over and was attracted to a plaque hanging in my bedroom. It was a gift to me on the occasion of my 25th anniversary thirty-two years ago. I don't read it every time I pass it by on the wall, but at least at the times I may wonder where I have been, to check on where I am, or to rededicate myself to the dream it sets before me to realize as an expression of where I want to go with the rest of my life. Its author is not identified and it is written as the words of a priest, but I think it can very well be applied to any faithful Christian or to anyone who really knows and loves the one true God the Creator of all and Who loves us all as Jesus taught us to do. Here are the words on the plaque, in larger and more attractive print. LORD JESUS, ETERNAL PRIEST, YOU HAVE CALLED ME TO YOUR PRIESTHOOD TO CARRY ON THE WORK WHICH YOU BEGAN. FIT ME, I PRAY YOU, FOR THIS TASK WITH SUCH FAITH THAT THROUGH MY VOICE EVEN THE DISBELIEVING MAY LISTEN TO YOUR WORD. WITH SUCH HOPE THAT THROUGH MY HANDS EVEN THE DESPAIRING MAY BE HELD FAST IN YOUR GRIP AND WITH SUCH CHARITY THAT THROUGH MY HEART EVEN THE DESPISED MAY KNOW THAT YOU CAN NEVER CEASE TO LOVE THEM. JOIN ME SO DEEPLY TO YOURSELF THAT NO ONE I MEET SHALL LIE BEYOND YOUR SAVING REACH. AMEN!

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