Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog # 205 John Chapter 6 - 6

Blog # 205 John Chapter 6 - 6 In our recent blogs in response to Chapter Six of John's Gospel, we have reflected upon several stages in John's presentation. In the overall picture of the entire Gospel of John and with a well-planned effort in Chapter Six, a clear and forceful claim is made for the divinity of Jesus. The person born of Mary and given the name Jesus is the Word, truly God come among us as one of us yet remaining and continuing as God, 'present' wherever whenever and however God IS, yet at times thirsty, physically tired, experiencing all the limitations we are given to experience as human creatures of the same God Jesus was given to discover and love in the sights sounds shapes and people around Him . The historical Jesus is given as one of us yet one with the Father and the Spirit in the person of the Word., divine as well as human in the mystery of the Incarnation. I started this blog a few days ago then got involved in something else. It remained unfinished. Now today I have another one finished and ready to go. I decided to send this one out first even though it is incomplete. Our Catholic faith in the simultaneous divinity and humanity of Jesus is an essential basis for understanding our faith in the presence of the Risen Jesus in the Eucharist . I hope this blog even in its brevity and incompleteness will help us identify Jesus as one of us and also identify Him as one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

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