Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog # 230 God's love in us

Blog # 230 God's Love in Us Two blogs ago started out with the dictum:"When we love someone deeply that person has a profound influence upon our life". In composing that blog I was thinking primarily about the experience of natural everyday love between two friends or relatives. I knew it would also apply to God's love for us which I knew was the deepest love of all. I am so deeply impressed with the unimaginable infinite difference between us as creatures and God our singular Creator that I went on to consider the influence God's love made in us without thinking at first in any way about how the dictum might apply to our love for God. Then as I went along I began to realize that in spite of our limitations and God's infinity there was room for applying the dictum to our love for God as swell as God's' love for us. There had to be, in view of the fact the Bible referred to that love with same word, love, even though in one case it applied to something limited and to the other as something divine. My question was: How could I ever even imagine how my limited human love even at its best, could influence my infinite Creator? The answer, which we considered in Blog # 229 came in our understanding, response, and application of our faith in the fact the person Scripture refers to as the divine eternal Word of God and the person of that same Word come among us in the Incarnation as one of us in all but sin and given the name Jesus, is one single human/divine person. One single person, as the son of Mary and the Word of God ,Eternal Son of the Father, Jesus in His divine-human love dissolves the infinite difference that exists between a limited human nature and the Father. As a consequent effect, Jesus' love for the Father influences the Father by ways we cannot imagine or produce on our own but in Jesus results in God being 'pleased' with us as He identified Himself as being "pleased" with Emmanuel, the Eternal Word of God Come-Among-Us, as one of us and given the name Jesus. Our union with Jesus through faith and Baptism is revealed as the union of branches on a vine, sharing the life of the vine, called and qualified to share his power, love, goodness, prayer, suffering, and eternal life! Officially concluding our prayer to the Father in the name of Jesus is not to be considered merely as a traditional custom we follow but rather a deliberate expression of our faith in the reality and efficacy of the Incarnation of the Word in Jesus and our union with Him in the gift of Sanctifying Grace. Through, with, and in Jesus , according to God's plan rather than by way of some dependence of God in any way upon us, we can indeed love God.

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