Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blog # 251 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Blog # 251   Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Though we would not have imagined or discovered  the mystery of the Holy Trinity
using our limited human resources, we do know something of the power wisdom
and goodness of God as it is reflected in all of creation.  The power of a lightning
bolt or the wind, the wisdom of the One Who taught the bee to make wax and honey,
a chicken to hatch from an egg, and the goodness of a  mother's love all reflect
something of the wisdom power and the goodness of the Creator of all that exists.

In addition, however, once we have received through faith the revelation of God
as the Holy Trinity, Father, Word, and Spirit, we are fascinated at the recurrence of
trilogies, sets of threes, so regularly in our world.  Much of our reality comes to
us in threes.  There are so many I could not feel comfortable viewing them as
coincidences, especially since anyone who knows even our limited amount about
God's Presence, realizes there are no coincidences where God  IS, which is
everywhere and always.

Time :  Past, present, future.  Seconds, minutes, hours.  Days, months, years. 
( weeks are not natural divisions of time but human formulations). 
Before, during, after.  Morning, noon, night.

Space : Left, right, center.  Length, breadth, depth. Walls, floor, ceiling. 
Top, middle, bottom.  Up, down, across.

Measurement :  Inch, yard, mile.  Millimeter, Centimeter, Meter.

Weight : Milligram, centigram, gram.  Ounce, pound, ton.
Trees :  trunk, branch, leaf.

Volume  :  Pint, quart, gallon.  More, less, equal.

Water :  Liquid, (H2O),  solid ( ice H2O), gas (steam H2O).

Answers to questions :  Yes, no, maybe.  Sometimes, always, never.

Primary colors :  Red, yellow, blue.

Secondary colors :  Orange, green, purple.

Physical creation :  animal, mineral, vegetable.  Land, water, air.

 Heavenly lights : Sun,  moon. stars.

Directions : Right, left, straight ahead.

Thanks and praise to Thee, Almighty Father, for all that exists
within and around us, through Jesus Your Son and Messenger,
by the gift of faith imparted to us in the love of the Holy Spirit!

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