Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog # 279 Blessings

# 279   Blessings  

I wanted to get another blog out today dealing with the Year of Faith but after working on it almost all morning I had very little on the page. So rather than take the chance of not getting a blog out today and leave another large gap between them I looked into some notes I had typed back in 1986 and found what I will share with you now. I don't know where I got it in the first place but it is not original. May the Lord bless the person who gave it to me, whoever he or she may be! It was a blessing for me back in '86 and again today as I am sharing it with you.
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Holy One, our God, giver of all life and beauty,  You love us into being every moment of our lives. Thank You for calling us - alone and together, into the journey of life. Bless us with the gift of vision ...to see your beauty around us and within us, to delight in the lavish gifts of your wonderful creation. Bless us with vision!  

Bless us with the gift of courage ...to understand the meaning and value of the darkness and pain of the journey, to stand with those who suffer and ache.     Teach our minds and hearts to receive and share your faithful love. Bless us with courage !  

Bless us with the gift of  gentleness ... to walk through our joys and pains, especially the growing times,  with your gentle love.  Teach us to be gentle with our sisters and brothers as we share the wonder of living. Bless us with gentleness !

Bless us with the gift of creativity ... to help us brave new grounds, to test new horizons , to risk and trust being co-creators with You, transforming creation according to your vision of peace and justice.  Bless us with creativity ! 

Bless us with the gift of compassion ... to see the interconnectedness of all life, to celebrate with warm hearts your healing presence in and through us.
Bless us with compassion ! 

And bless us with the grace to recognize your gifts in all that we shall ever have, to recognize and call them for a time our own so that we will have something to give us joy and something of our joy to give to others.  Amen

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