Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog # 295 LENT - 2

Blog  # 295    LENT - 2

             Yesterday's Blog was long.  Today's is short, just a few thoughts to help us get ready for the celebration of  HOLY WEEK.

               Let's try, as individual believers, and as a community of believers, to  make the experience of  Holy Week this year a very special one. 

              Try to put aside some time each day individually and as a family to reflect and pray about the events in the life of Jesus we will be celebrating.   These events give shape to our religious experience as believing Christians.

                As the sun, which shines for each of us as if there were no others, so Jesus came and lived and died for each of us as if there were no others.  His life and love for each of us should be that close and personal.

              We carry the palms, hear the story of  His sufferings again, share the love of Calvary in the Eucharistic meal on Thursday,  touch the wood of the Cross on Friday,  experience the sorrow of the open and empty tabernacle  during the hours Jesus  lay in the tomb after the Crucifixion, and are blessed with the new Easter water which calls us back to our original Baptismal commitment of discipleship, faithfulness, and generous love.

                Be  blessed by it !   Let it be for you!


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