Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blog # 429 Christmas revisited

Blog # 429  Christmas revisited

            T'was the day after Christmas, and all through the house... - GIFTS.

           Here we are almost two weeks past Christmas.  We have celebrated the whole week of Christmas as if it were a single day.  Then it was Epiphany. This coming Sunday will be the  Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. He will be a grown man by then and next in our Liturgical Year celebrating His entire life as God's Beloved Son Among Us, we will go into Ordinary Time. This morning as I sat down to think of what to say in Blog # 429 I found a benefit in briefly revisiting Christmas and that is what I will share with you.

           What did you receive for Christmas?  What comes to mind immediately were I to ask you that question?   Gifts!  Toys, clothes. food, joyful Christmas music, sacred and secular, appliances, money, furniture, trinkets, jewelry, cosmetics, etc., etc. etc., right? 

            Yes, and how about on a different level, the beauty of Christmas wrappings, the greetings and news from old friends, some from thirty years ago, the joy of a surprise, the hugs and kisses of friends and family, the memory of Christmas celebrations gone by, good  health.  And did some receive the gift of sickness?

           Then JESUS,  "the Reason for the season.  The inspiration of His life death and resurrection  that we found again as it applied in new ways to the new experiences in our lives we were called to address this past year, the source of our hope for holiness and happiness here below and forever,  His teachings that became our faith, His love shared, our greatest joy, His prayers ours, His Father Our Father.  The Holy Spirit sent by Jesus from Heaven as He promised, to aid us and strengthen us be be empowered to know You, love You and always fulfill Your will for each and all of us.
             'Tis the days after Christmas, and all through the house gifts...our eight-room house, our  two-room apartment, our room at a local nursing home, our hospital bed, in the very personal 'house' I call my heart....GIFTS, some as yet unopened but given.

               Thank You, Lord!  Amen!


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