Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog # 474 From God

Blog # 474  From God

             The Bible  makes a claim that anyone who enjoys  the  power of reason and is looking about himself in the world, with all its wonders, if he asks himself the question where did all of this come from, should be able to say "From God".   (Rom 1: 19.   I stand in defense of that claim.

               Charlie White is a Ford mechanic.  At first he could just tell the difference between a Ford and other makes of cars.  Then in high school he could tell you what model Ford was passing by, the particular features of that particular car, and its cost.  On Saturdays you could find  him changing tires in his father's  Ford dealership and garage business.  Now he is  a  master mechanic, and knows just about all there is to be known about Ford cars.  And Charlie White is no closer today to denying that Henry Ford ever lived than he was back in his high school days when he was just beginning.  That is just what  you would expect.

               The same is true in other fields as well.  We should not be surprised, then, that such great scientists as Bacon, Newton, Dalton, Pasteur, Madam Curie, Edison. and Marconi were deeply religious people as well as outstanding scientists.  There is no more reason for persons who made extensive studies in science to love  God less or believe in Him less because of their studies, than there is for a man like Charlie White to deny the fact Henry Ford ever lived. 

               There is, however, much more reason for anyone who studies creation in view of the claim of  God the Creator of all that exists, to love God more in knowing God better through their research. in science. In the case of Henry Ford, he was an inventor, and a manufacturer.  He made one thing out of others. And he did not do all this by himself. For an automobile this would include glass, rubber, metal, leather etc.  There is an infinite distance between this and the act of creation  by force of which whatever exists does so by  the will of its Creator.  Without the Creator currently willing whatever exists to exist, it would not exist.  From this flows  our total love for God our Creator Who has been revealed to us by His  Son Jesus  as Our  Father.                                                                  


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