Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog # 86 A Unique Part of the Whole

Blog # 86 A Unique Part of the Whole As I typed this I found myself wishing I could be with you when you would be reading it. Your comments and questions would be helpful to me I know. Thoughts and insights feelings and responses we could share would be enriching. Then I realized a wish like that could be an example of the enemy. To harbor a wish for something we know just cannot be is to spend time and energy unprofitably and give the enemy power. Such a wish for me would illustrate something that could contradict and weaken the very point I had in sharing the article with you. What I had in mind when I saw the article as something that could be useful to you, was the reminder it gave that ALL of us have been created by God INDIVIDUALLY and that we ALL are called and prvileged to co-create with God something unique that is destined to make at least some difference in the whole world. Any one of you might be tempted to think this 'something' could be yours in some other place, at some other time. But in reality, whenever we stop to think of it, wherever we are, now is the time and here is the place. So the task is not to ask when or where. That is settled for the time being. The task is rather to IDENTIFY and CHOOSE the SOMETHING that is OURS to make, co-create, sing, dance, think, say, believe, proclaim, share, write home about, celebrate, and 'stick on the refrigerator of the world'. As I know from my own experience and as you may know from yours, this isn't always easy to do. We may at times not see ourselves as important to the world. Yet we are. God did not make us by mistake. We did not get into the world by slipping through a crack. Every one of us is likely to have stuff in our backgrounds we wish did not occur. Yet none of us is big enough or strong enough to interfere with God's love and plan for us in the present and the future. In fact all of it is part of that love and that plan. Romans 8: 35 - 39 puts it this way: "Who will separate s from the love of Christ? Trial, distress, persecution...? For I am certain that neither death nor life,...nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God that comes to us in Christ Jesus, Our Lord." So the time and place for each of us to be creating our eternal personal unique glorious name is here and now. In other words everywhere and always. And there are no excuses we can bring out of the closets of our lives. God knows it all and desires to love us still. I find it helpful and encouraging to keep myself aware God needs nothing I might do for Him or give Him. All already belongs to God The big thing is not so much what we accomplish but our relationship with God and through that relationship our relationship with one another. (cf Mark 12: 28 - 31). We keep ourselves aware of our relationship with God and one another primarily through prayer. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a great example for us here. Small things done well. We can love God and one another with a broom in our hands! God and I did it together. Then that goes 'on the refrigerator'. It helps as well to realize somebody cares about what we are doing. God cares enough to send His Son. (cf John 2: 16). And others care too. I do. I pray for each of you each day and feel happy and privileged to know you and to know we are striving together, miles apart but one in the Holy Spirit to co- create something worthy of God's eternal love. ......................................................................................................................................................................... What you just read is a copy of a letter I sent several years ago to inmates I knew in the Georgia State Prison for women at Davisboro. In reading it over I found it useful to myself still. I hope you will find it so. . In any case please take a moment and make a prayer for the ladies who first received it. Some of them are still in prison. Thanks!

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