Friday, November 26, 2010

BLOG # 89 Thanksgiving Day

Blog #89 Thanksgiving Day It is the day after Thanksgiving. Dear Lord, I want to write this blog in the form of a prayer. I think, rejoicing, of the many of my fellow-Americans who gathered about bounteous tables yesterday and gave thanks to You for Your many and rich gifts to us as individuals families civic communities and as a nation. Some of course do not claim a faith in You. They would eat their festive meal in special Joy and gratitude to one another but not in Your name. I thank You for all You offered and gave to people who do not believe in You and do not have You as their Creator and their friend. For all that may have been overlooked or forgotten in the list of things and people for and for whom we who believe in You were thankful, Lord, I express thanks to You now. For the phone conversations that brought people who love one another together even though they were miles apart, I thank You. For all who held hands in the affection of family and friendship, for all who said "I love you" and for all the joy and excitement these words brought to human hearts, and, if we could use the expression, to Your Own Heart, I thank You. For all the memories of thanksgiving celebrations in the past and for those that were not remembered but which nevertheless were real,I thank You. For the number of smiles that appeared on the lips of people who live in nurseing homes throughout the nation as a result of a visit from a friend or loved one telling them by their presence and perhaps with a few cookies or a flower they are loved and there is a God, I thank You. For all the miles of American roads and for all the cars vans and trailer homes that brought families together to express enjoy and develop their love for one another, I thank You, Lord. Who but You, O Lord, could know the number of turkeys apples nuts onions string beans pies and TV programs we enjoyed here in America yesterday? And so, in the light of the fact that You are really the only one who could and does know all that You gave and all that we received, I sum it all up and include it all when I thank You, Lord, for Yourself! Amen!

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