Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog # 100 More on Epiphany

Blog # 100 More on Epiphany This is my first try at incorporating a photo into a blog . Years ago when I moved from Sandersville to Sylvania ,GA and could no longer visit the ladies' State prison at Davisboro, each week I used to send a four-page bulletin out to some of the ladies who had been attending the theology classes we had each week for them there at the prison . This past week I was reading over some of those bulletins from the week we celebrated the Solemnity of the Epiphany . Our photos that (I hope! ) appear here on Blog #100 are images of the Magi who apeared on one of those bulletins. On page one of the bulletin our friends the Magi appeared separately. Then on page three they appeared together. I chose to present them in this way to remind us of how each of them were drawn to Jesus personally and each had a unique personality and gift to give. However they did not come alone. It should be that way with us in our search for and discovering of Jesus. Each of us is identified as a unique person with our own individual unique gifts. When we set out to find the object of our star which is our conscience we find there are others on the same road as we. Then we find that as we approach closer and closer to our goal we find ourselves closer and closer to one another until having found Jesus we discover we are not only one with Him but one with each other, not merely as companions on the way, but as branches on a single vine, and members of a single Body, the Church. No wonder Jesus told us those who live around us will know the Father sent Him through their observance of our unity (Jn 17: 21). And no wonder Jesus said: " This is how all will know you for my disciples: your love for one another".

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