Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog # 106 God the Creator

Blog # 106 God the CREATOR In order to understand and authentically live the message presented to the world by Jesus, I think there are two fundamental insights that must be ours. The first goes all the way back to Abraham, whom we refer to in one of our Eucharistic prayers as our Father in faith. The insight was the personal revelation to Abraham that there is but ONE CREATOR of ALL THAT EXISTS. Existence is the bottom line in identifying EVERYTHING, colors shapes sounds , ALL, past present and whatever future there may be. It sounds almost like something repetitious or nonsensical to say it, but what I am trying to say can be best and only said by saying if something does not exist it cannot be made. That is how fundamental existence is. When we begin to understand this we can begin to understand what we are saying when we say God is the Creator of all that exists and therefore there cannot be, absolutely,even in our limited human mind a valid NOTION of a second God. God has already claimed ownership and total responsibility for everything in claiming to be the single creator of all. With responsibility already claimed for all of creation, all that exists, there is no further justifiable claim possible for any other but a false god that might come on the scene and seek our worship or allegiance. Other gods may offer something real,experienced through any of our five human senses, something having color shape and sound but always a reality MADE OUT OF SOMETHING THAT EXISTS PREVIOUSLY TO ITSELF, rather them CREATED OUT OF NOTHING which is the claim of the creating God revealed to Abraham. As soon as we capture a true understanding of the notion of a single creating God several other notions logically follow. There is a relationhip between the Creator and all of creation. Inanimate creatures and all living creatures less well developed than we as human creatures relate to the Creator in perfect obedience. A stone always falls to the ground even though it would fall on the toe of the King of a nation. Fire is always hot, the sun always shines and water is always wet. Mathematical truth is always true, whether we are counting chickens, measuring the distance to the moon or counting the number of the stars. When we come to the experience of human creatures the relationship between ourselves and the Creator in essenially different from that of inanimate creatures and the creator. We have the awesome and mysterious gift of freedom and the consquent effect of the possibility of disobedience and of love. Questions come: Did God make me? Yes,absolutely. Did God create me? A qualified yes. God made me out of something, something that existed before me, but God made that too, and other somethings all the way back to where there was nothing but God and out of that nothing God eventually made me. We go all the way back to the beginning. That is how well God knows us. Then ten, thirty, eighty-three years ago God willed us to be. That is how much God loved us, each one of us. How do we know? We know because we exist and only God is responsible for that. What an insight it is to understand even in our limited human way what it means to know love and worship God as our personal Creator from all eternity!

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