Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog 122 Out the Door

Blog 122 Out the Door On the wall in the short hallway just outside my bedroom door is a picture of my immdeiate family of six boys and my mother and father. I imagine I am about two years old and am sitting on my mother's lap. The formal picture must have been taken about eighty-one years ago. Now all but my my brother Bill who is eighty-eight and I are gone. And I have noticed recently that when I attend various meetings or spend time in the adoration chapel more times than not I guess I am the oldest person in the room. Each of us has a life's story. Though there are over six billion of us on earth right now each of us has a story that belongs to none other. Though each of us is unique we do share many major or minor common human experiences. We are older than we ever were. If that scares you just put it this way: we are younger than we will ever be! If life were envisioned as taking place in an enclosed room with a single doorway as an exit from the room , no matter how many steps it would take for each one going out of the room a single step would take him or her out of the room. That is sort of the way it is with life and death. There will be one last breath, one final conscious thought, our last desire, all unique to each of us. But every step we have ever taken to get to that final one takng us out of the door counts. If a millionaire finds a penny on the pavement of the parking lot at the grocery store and puts it into her purse she is richer than she ever was. Conversely if she loses one. I suppose the first concern we should have is to be confident we are heading in the right direction, then be aware of the fact that if we are not moving we will ever be in the same spot we were when we began, and finally trust God and believe that on the other side of the door we call death is not more death but new life in the Kingdom of God where love is the coin of the realm and faith is never challenged by suffering or distress and love is never distorted by sin.

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