Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog 123 A Life Story

Blog 123 A Life Story Several years ago it occurred to me we could sum up our Christian experience in just five words. Here they are: 1.FORMED, 2.INFORMED,.3. DEFORMED, 4. REFORMED, 5. TRANSFORMED. I don't know who the oldest person on earth is right now, but we can be sure there was a time in the really not too distant past when NONE OF US EXISTED. We came to BE. By God's design and desire we were formed. At the time of our birth we knew very little. As the years went on we grew in KNOWLEDGE. We had to learn many things we now know so well and take for granted, how to walk, talk, run, play, and work. Some people received a gift of Faith, which is a special kind of knowledge. We who believe in Jesus received that special kind of knowledge which tells us many things about the world ourselves and God. We are INFORMED by our faith in Jesus. He is our teacher, teaching us about important questions like where the world came from, the meaning and goal of our lives, and how we are to live in order to please God, be a blessing for those around us, and be happy. Sometimes we live our faith and do and say what we know is right. Sometimes we don't. That is when the design and plan and love God desires to have for us is sort of bruised or broken. The beautiful person God wants us to be is DEFORMED. But God is so much in love with us that His love does not stop there. God never goes looking for someone else in place of us. When we realize this we come back to Him. God forgives. We are REFORMED. But even that is not the end of it. We take up the fifth disk on blog 124 tomorrow. The colors in the disks are attempting to interpret and express the identity of the four disks. Green symbolozes life and growth. Yellow is for joy and the light of truth. Red symabolizes love and forgiveness. Black and dark grey are for the darkness of sin.

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