Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog # 163 The Sower - Two

Blog # 163 The sower -two In the parable of The Sower some of the seed, the word of God, fell among thorns. Jesus tells us this is the case of people who have failed to realize a most important truth about ourelves, that we are not in this world forever. We are in this world as travelers, passing through. Our real eternal home is in Heaven with God our Father forever. This world with all of its pleasure and joys is a tool, given us by God that we might discover Him, work our way to Him, experience Him, and love Him. Our hearts are bigger than all the world. They can only be filled with God. But some hearts fail to realize this. They are too busy with things which Jesus classifies as cares of the world, the temporary value of riches and other desires. If you want to find out what these things are in your life today just take out a pencil and make a list of what takes most of your time and energy. For each item on your list ask yourself the question does this person place or thing or my use of it bring me closer to God or farther away? Does my reading of this particular magazine or book bring me closer to God or farther away? Does the amount of time I spend each day watching television bring me closer to God or farther away? These are good quesions for anyone who wants to grow as a Christian. For whatever it is that is not bringing us closer to God and cannot bring us closer to God Jesus has the word thorns, which growing up together with the word of God in our hearts choke the word of God and make it fruitless. Then finally Jesus comes to the seed which is sown on good ground. It brings forth fruit, one thirty another sixty, and another a hundredfold. Dear Lord, help us make ourselves make good ground. We know, dear Lord, that sometimes when You find that our hearts are a wayside, in order to make it good ground You have to plow it up with suffering and sickness. If necessary, dear Lord, give us this gift rather than letting us go on as a fruitless wayside. Take from our hearts dear Lord the rocks and thorns of our sins and carelessness. Make us good ground. Make us holy.

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