Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blog # 169 Our Creator 'at work'

Blog # 169 Our Creator 'at Work'. Here are a few examples of what God is 'doing' in our physical universe. God the Creator is also present and 'at work' in the spiritual reality we cannot see or hear but which we experience just as surely and wonderfully as we see and hear the physical world around us. The sun (a small star) is BIG - so big that if you put the earth in its center, the moon ( 220,000+miles from the earth) would reach just about half way to the sun's surface. Compared to the sun the earth is like a pinhead in the center of a saucer. Traveling 1,000 miles an hour, it would take you a month , going night and day, to go around the sun. At the same speed you could go around the earth in 25 hours! As for speed,Pluto, the 'slow' planet, is moving more than 23,000 miles an hour. The fastest planet is Mercury, doing 30 miles a second - more than 100,000 miles an hour. Earth moves 18 miles a second, 65,000 miles an hour, and covers 1,500,000 miles a day around the sun. (All free of charge!) In our galactic system there are so many stars that if you looked at each one of them for a minute you would be 60,000 years old before you counted them all. If we really care to look almost everything we experience in creation is just as amazing.We inhale about 108,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (21 ciphers after the 8!) molecules of air at each normal healthy breath. If you could arrange to let those molecules escape at the rate of 10,000 each second, it would take a million years to blow out one breath. The molecules in an air space the size of a golf ball, if placed end to end 4,250,000 per inch, would circle the earth 10,000 times at the equator, or reach to the moon and back 52 times. An average oak tree, in its five active months each year, evaporates about 28,000 gallons of water. Man-made suction cups make water rise 33 feet. Yet water flows in great quantities to the tops of trees 200 feet high. There is a Brazilian moth with a wing span of eleven inches. There is also the Nanosella, a water beetle one-hundredth of an inch long complete with eyes, mouth, legs, etc. If a man could construct a tiny machine designed to walk and fly, with automatic appliances for finding and consuming food, for building itself a suitable garage or shed, for repairing breaks in its parts, and finally for reproducing other machines like itself, his name would be world-famous overnight. Yet it has been done ! (The name is God if you care to tell someone). What is color in the dark, or sound unheard? It is perhaps something like Goodness unappreciated or a person's life without personal contact with God our Creator. There is still the choice that any man can make: there is no God. But it seems very important to me for someone who does happen to say there is no God to know something of the content of what he is saying. Some people never look beyond themselves. Some people look out but only see what they see. Others see the work of a Workman, and see God. In the light of some of the previous considerations how minor some of our personal problems seem ! And why do we not hear more of this kind of thing when we speak of God? How wonderful it is to trust and love Someone Who has and shares such wisdom, power, and goodness with all who believe in Him !

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