Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blog # 400 Freedom

Blog  # 400 Freedom

            Many people have wondered at one time or another why it is God does not make more people good Christians, why God doesn't make the Christian life more attractive to young people, and why God doesn't make His people more enthusiastic about spreading the Gospel message of brotherly love and Christian salvation  These questions have also been my own.

            The best 'reason' I have thought of as to why does not do more in the world to guarantee our holiness, our faith, and conversion from sin, is that God loves us and wants us to be free.

              Try this experiment some time. Get a stone, or a book or a pencil, and place it on the table before  you. It stays right where you left it.  Now move it from place to place, first to the left, then to the right, and then back again to the center.  The stone or the book or the pencil does just what you want it to do.

             Put the pencil into our hand.  You can make it write the word 'hate', or the word  'love'.  You can make the pencil write the word 'goodness', or the word 'sin'.  You are in control of the pencil.  It is not free. As a result it is very limited. A pencil cannot know you or appreciate you. A stone or a pencil or a book can only be one thing - a stone, or a pencil, or a book.  They are not free and cannot be holy or sinful.

           You and I are different, in our nature, and consequently in our gift of freedom. We can make choices. We can know when someone loves us and we can love someone in response to love that is given us. God wants it this way.  Rooted in our freedom is our love. 

  We ae free.  We can make choices.  We ca ko when someone loves us nd we can love someone n response to their love.  We can be good if we choose, and we can be sinful.  God wants it t his way.  Rooted in our freedom is our love. 


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