Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blog # 411 The End

Bog # 411 The End

          This is the final week in Ordinary Time of the year 2014.  Time does fly!  Remember back in '97,  '98, and '99 when we were all excited about the New Millennium that was on the horizon yet off at a distance, getting closer, and then was here?  I can easily imagine how time might seem to drag for people who are confined to bed with illness.  Yet when we look back on the past fourteen years of time from wherever we might be, so much significant history has occurred in the new millennium that it may seem much older than it is.
          Sunday we celebrated our current response to the life death and resurrection of Jesus and acclaimed Him once again as our own personal Savior, and King of the entire world. At the ending of the Liturgical Years as they occur, we look back to assess and evaluate all that has occurred during the past year. We cast aside all that we see as unworthy of God and take with us in praise and thanks all that we see as pleasing to God and sharing in His love.

           We remind ourselves that all creation as we know it is coming to an end. We can also be reminded of this as evening falls each day, as the weeks and months come and go.  It would not be rash to think that in the relatively short time of a hundred and fifty years none of us living on earth today will be alive. The end is coming. It could be as close as tomorrow for any of us.  From the moment of our conception we have never been too young to die.

             This might seem threatening at first.  It is not intended to be so.  But it is real.  In my imagination of it, the Church and our Scripture readings today are like a football coach reminding the quarterback of the set-up for football, four quarters, so many minutes each.  "If you want to score  you have to do it within that framework."

              For those who have prepared well for a history exam it is not so formidable or fearsome at all.  So with judgment and ourselves.  When we honestly reflect upon our conscience we are in a real sense at that time already judged. How we stand in the presence of God in His goodness mercy and love is much the same as we stand before ourselves when we honestly reflect upon our conscience.

                When I look at what God permits in the world with regard to sickness, disease, loneliness, war, etc., I am less inclined to think He is kidding when He speaks of judgment.  I have thought part of the reality of suffering in the world is an expression of  the wisdom goodness and mercy of God telling us and inviting us in one more way to experience the truth about ourselves and God.  Our true and lasting purpose peace and joy can be found in God alone.  "Our hearts are restless until they rest in God" as St. Augustine put it.

                  We remind ourselves that all God's promises will be fulfilled, All bills will be paid. All awards will be given. United with  Jesus and following His will for us the best we can, we are not afraid.

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