Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog # 41 Ask God

Blog # 41 ASK GOD What a difference it would make in America if each of us really loved God above all! John 14: 15 says "If you love me, keep my commandments". It follows like the night the day that if we really love God we will keep His commandments. But when we really know and love God our attitude toward His commandments changes too. God's laws are not a burden for those who love God. The people who are troubled by the law in our country that we cannot steal are the thieves and robbers. So too, the time we find the law of God a burden is the time we do not know and love God properly. The time the commands of God are not attractive is when we sin against them. Whenever we buy a new stove or an electric mixer the manufacturer sends along a little leaflet with all the operating instructions on it. The manufacturer knows his product. If we follow his instructions our stove or mixer will give good results. So it is with God and us. God made us and He sends along a set of operating instructions. God's commandments are merely our operating instructions. If we follow them we will find the happiness for which we were made. If not we will seek our happiness someplace else apart from God's will where the happiness we seek is not to be found. I once heard of a little two and a half year old boy who was saving his money for a birthday gift for his Dad. One day his uncle came to visit and when he heard of the plan he offered the boy a choice of two coins. One of them was a bright shining nickel and the other was a dull well-worn dime. The little boy did not know a great deal about money yet but he did realize some coins were better than others. It looked to him that the big shining nickle was better than the small dull dime. But in order to make sure, he ran over to his mother and asked her to make the choice. This is similar to the way it is with us and God. Sometimes it might seem like we would be happier getting two hours more of sleep on Sunday mornings instead of going to church, or it might seem like we would be happier through getting revenge for an injury but we will not. God made us. God knows what we are made of and what we are made for. We may be wise, but God is Wisdom. Our wisdom is like a picture of a rose. God's wisdom is the rose. And so, whenever we have to make a moral decision, when we come to a fork in the road, when it is a question of doing God's will or not we should pray. Ask God for the answer. Trusting God we will love God more. Loving God more we will rejoice to follow Him more closely. What difference it would make in America and the world if each of us really loved God!

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