Thursday, August 26, 2010


Blog # 55 IncreasingBold Our Love For just a moment let's consider what might go into a decision to love someone whether it be God or someone else. First of all we must know someone if we are to love him or her. We cannot love someone we do not know. This implies in our decision to love that we be open to discover one another, using knowledge as it were as a key to our hearts. This is true of our love for God as well as for other loves. If we really want to love God we must want to know God. If we do nothing to know God better we can hardly say we have decided to love God or to love God better. Also, part of a decision to love someone is to draw close to that person, share, praise, receive gifts and give gifts, to rejoice in the love, to protect it and strengthen it and deliberately to grow. Such decisions are not made by accident nor can they be taken for granted. Again, whether we are speaking of our love for wife husband children friends enemies or God, this is true. Questions for husbands and wives who wish to grow in their love for one another come to mind. What have we done today to increase our knowledge of one another? How do you feel? What do you think? Have we praised one another? What have we shared? What have we given? What have we received? With God too, for all who wish to love God and grow in their love for God there are similar questions. What have I done today to increase my knowledge of God? How have I praised God? Did I rejoice in God's love? Have I made any special effort to protect my love for God? What have we shared? What have I given to God and what have I received from God today as a sign and an expression of our love? In real life, of course, these questions are to be addressed dirctly and personally to God present to us rather than in some hypothetical way with God looking on or listening from the outside. The book of Psalms is rich with examples of an attempt on the part of the psalmist to increase his knowledge and love of God through praise, rejoicing, dedication, sharing, receiving, and asking questions. May the psalms ever be among our daily prayers. Grant it, Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Beloved Son. Amen!

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