Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Blog #56 SINGING IN HARMONY WITH GOD Recently I was reflecting upon how we can relate to God. But at the beginning instead of seeing God as the object of my imagination I used Abraham Lincoln. The name of Abraham Lincoln is still known around the world, almost like that of God. I can imagine myself related to Abraham Lincoln as hired to cut his lawn. His lawn is a very real part of his life. Even though he could be adept at law and government whether his lawn is cared for or not, people will think more or less of him, even as a statesman, depending upon the condition of his lawn. So it is with God. Some of us seem to see ourselves primarily in a capacity of 'caring for God's lawn', taking care of His creation, helping the poor, etc., without Him present in it for the time being, except indirectly. If the world does not produce enough food for all the people, if the poor are neglected, etc., it reflects upon God. Lincoln is a better President when his lawn is cut. God is a better God, as it were, when we take care of things for Him. After all, He told us to do this when He said we should love one another. Then I can imagine myself relating to Abraham Lincoln much the same as to the electronic computerized 'living' statue of Abraham Lincoln that was in the Illinois building at the New York World's Fair in 1964. It looked just like Lincoln, and was dressed like him. It was programmed to speak several of his speeches just like he would have done. Listening to the statue from the audience, if you had the same dispositions in 1964 as you might have had a century before when the real Lincoln said the same words you would be ready to act now as you would have acted then. Some people seem to see themselves relating to God in a similar way. He gives us words to say, things to do. And people around us, hearing these words of God and seeing these acts of God are affected by them just as if God Himself were here. The poor are clothed and comforted, the sorrowful rejoice,etc. But there is another way of relating to Lincoln that seems to come closer to illustrating the best way we can see ourselves as relating to God. Suppose Lincoln decides to sing a song. He doesn't have to sing in order to be a good President but he WANTS to sing. Not only this, but he wants to sing in HARMONY. He cannot do that alone. It seems this is something like what God has done with us. God created us because He wanted us. He teaches us the words of His song and its melody in various ways, such as through His word in the Bible, in the life death,and Resurrection of Jesus, through creation around us, people, the Church, and our individual conscience. Then He invites us to sing along with Him, helping, serving, celebrating. Our free response in faith adds harmony to what God is doing. In all of our life it is God working in us and we responding to Him that co-creates the beauty joy and harmony of our Christian experiences. We are not just cutting God's lawn or merely imitating Him or merely serving Him, but rather we are singing along with God in the harmony of our song of love. Neither God nor we could do it this way alone. Harmony of its nature takes different notes and blends them together in a single sound. God planned it that way. God's love for us as individual believers is a share in God's eternal everlasting love for all creation. Every note counts ! Thank You, Lord!

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