Sunday, September 5, 2010


BLOG # 60 IS NEW DIFFERENT? Just think for a moment what a difference it would have made in your life us you had been born in Germany or in Japan or here in the United States? Just think of what a difference it would have made if you had been born in a family of two children or into one of twelve. Think of the difference it would have made in your life if you had been born poor instead of rich or rich instead of poor. Think of how different it would be for you if you were at this moment, sick instead of healthy, or healthy instead of sick. The language you would speak, the songs you would sing, the food you would eat would all be different if you were born in some other part of the world. Your friends would be different, your education would be diffferent, your house, your clothing would be different if you were born either rich or poor. Your ability to do and enjoy things, your energy and your feelings all would be different if you were healthy or sick at this moment. Now, with faith - in what ways and to what extent does our faith in God and Jesus make a difference in our lives? Take this past week as an example. How and to what extent did faith make a difference in your life this past week? At home. At work. in school. When we were alone. With others. When things were right. When things went wrong. Do the differences you think of, or lack of differences surprise you? Are you happy and satisfied with them? What could you or should you change in order to make the picture more clear and satisfying? Good questions for growing in faith! Unless a Japanese or a German knows about some other language and customs he or she would hardly be aware of the fact he or she is different as a Japanese or a German. So I think it is with faith. Unless we stop from time to time and think of what differences out faith makes to us it might happen that it doesn't make much difference at all. And if we do not think of , know ,and desire the difference that faith can and should make in our lives we will hardly turn out to be, as Paul describes people who live by faith in Jesus, a NEW CREATION, a DIFFERENT person.

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