Friday, September 24, 2010


BLOG # 69 HEARING GOD'S MESSAGES Why is the moon,beautiful as it might be, a light in the sky for one person, and a message from God about Himself and us to another? Why does one person driving a truck from one city to another see only corn or cotton growing and this same person's companion, sitting on the same front seat in the same truck see God growing food and clothing for His people in the cotton and the corn? The reason does not seem to be that one is more intelligent than the other, no more than you and I do not speak Russian, not because we are lacking the intelligence of a ten year old Russian boy who does speak the language, but rather that we have not had the backgound he has had, the experience of learning the Russian language. Somewhere along the line some people who now see God and hear God's message in the world around them have had an experience similar to that of the young man and woman on the beach who know perhaps for the first time and in a significant way their love for one another. To commemorate the occasion, to make it endure, to symbolize it, she takes home a small shell. That is the shell that is now on the mantel in the living room. With the same physical dimensions but with the added background of the knowledge and experience of husband and wife it means much more to them today than the day she picked it from the sand. Once we have discovered God in creation, from then on it is possible for all of creation to speak to us of God. It is a beautiful experience. I would not know how many people we meet each day have had it, but I believe it is offered to all. What I am writing about is not a superstitious view of the world around us, seeing in creation or in certain aspects of it some magical presence, but rather in a gifted and faith centered way, yet naturally, God present to us in His world, speaking to is in the things He has made, calling us, testing us, challenging us, developing us, rewarding us, punishing us, loving us in our everyday world and in our everyday experiences. Romans 1 : 20 has the same thought. "Since the creation of the world, invisible realities, God's eternal power and divinity, have become visible, recognized through the things he has made." May this truth be ours! Thank You, Lord for all You do , colors, shapes, sounds, every day, everywhere we go!

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