Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog #2 - L 99.9%

Blog #2 - L 99.9% I have heard it said, sort of an excuse, on an occasion when someone makes a mistake or is late for a meeting:" Nobody is perfect." Well, then, is 99.9% good enough? Here is something to consider: If everyone in the United States worked on the 99.9% principle, things like this is what would happen: +22,000 checks would be deducted from the wrong bank accounts in the next hour. +1,314 phone calls would be misdirected in the next minute. +2.5 million books would have the wrong cover this year. +28,322 pieces of mail would be mishandled in the next hour. +20,000 prescription medicines would be written incorrectly this year. +315 entries in Webster's New International Dictionary would be misspelled. No wonder Jesus taught us to love God with our whole heart, which means with unconditional trust and total love. There is only ONE TRUE GOD, the single Creator of all that exists. There is no other. That truth is the basis for our unconditional trust and total love. The eternal Word of God, equal to the Father and the Holy spirit from all eternity, came among us as one of us in all but sin. Incarnate on earth, the Word of God was given the name Jesus, Savior. In union with Jesus through faith and Baptism we can honestly hope to love God alone, with our whole heart, and through this love bring justice and peace to the unique share of creation we identify as our own, and all along the way carve out by our obedience to the Father's will for us our unique eternal identity in Heaven Each year at Christmas we begin again to celebrate the story of Jesus in our particular moment of history, in the way it relates to us in our individual unique talents relationships opportunities challenges and temptation. We are not alone. The eternal God, Father Word and Holy Spirit, is around us and within us in answer to the promise and the prayer of Jesus. (John 17: 23,26; 7: 38,39; 14: 15 - 18,20,23). This love is not in competition with a genuine love for relatives and friends no more than the human love of Jesus for the Father was in competition with His love for His mother, the disciples, and His friends. In a similar way our health is not in competition with our joy. Our love for others is made holy and fulfilled in our total love for God. If our love for God is not total our love for others is diminished and incomplete.

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