Monday, December 26, 2011

Blog # 215 Math / God

Blog # 215 Math / God I'll be going over to Savannah in a little while for the annual St. Stephan's Day dinner with the Bishop and I did not want to skip another day without a blog so I decided to try to get this one to you before I leave for Savannah. Numbers and math are a great experiences of the presence of God. If you have not seen this material before I think you will enjoy it. If you have seen it before may it be a valuable reminder of the wonder of God's Presence in all of creation and in a real way in numbers. Numbers are a part of the whole of creation. God owns them ! Thank You, Lord! God is 'present' in numbers as much as God is 'present' in the sun. God 'thought it all up' we might say , in human words, none of which can ever speak all here IS of God, but do speak some limited truth and in this speak something analogously of God's infinity, infinite presence, goodness and love. Thank You Father for sending us your Eternal Word, Jesus. He taught us in His human life death and Resurrection Who You Are and how much You love us all in so many wonderful ways, from numbers, to the sun, to the personal love of Jesus and our sharing through Him and the Holy Spirit in Your eternal love, in our limited human way, now by faith, and if we are worthy eternally with You,and the Holy Spirit in the joy and perfect love of Heaven.

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