Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog # 217 Optical Illusions

Blog # 217 Optical Illusions
This is an experiment. I am hoping to use some more graphics in
my blogs and am testing out this illustration of a few optical illusions to see if they continue to come out as illusions when published in a blog as
they do as hard copy on paper. For example, of the two squares , the blue one is supposed to seem larger than the pink one. They are identical in size. Switch them to prove it.
If you print the illustrations , you will see that the two t's are made up of strips of paper that are identical in length. If you switch their positions, making the horizontal one the vertical one and the vertical one the horizontal one the vertical one is supposed to seem longer than it was in each case, appearing now as longer than its partner.
If you cut out the illustration with the faces of various men on it and then cut it along the dotted lines to make three pieces of it, and if you assemble it again with piece A on the left and count the faces then switch the two pieces putting A where B was and B where A was and count the faces you get a surprise! I was thinking of sending this to an automobile dealer with the suggestion he rearrange the positions of the cars on his lot to see if he could get an extra one free!
When I used this illustration in one of the bulletins I sent to some people in prison to whom I was writing each week I added this spiritual application to it: A wonderful design can be discovered in all of creation. The sun moon water fire earth wind stars flowers fruit friendship loyalty peace and joy are all designed by God. In human creatures there is even more wonder to be discovered.
Made to the image and likeness of God, we can receive the gift of faith, enabling us to know God personally and to pray.
We are made wonderfully and well. The eye is designed to see. The mind is designed to know truth. The heart is designed to choose what is good and to love God and neighbor. But we are not God. We have our limits. The eye can be deceived as the illustrations show and can transmit to the brain a mistaken view of what is presented for it to see. So with the mind and truth and the heart with goodness and love.
Sin and enmity can enter in. We can misinterpret the Bible. We can lose our faith. We can sin against love. But we need not. The answer and the victory of the goodness our Creating Father invites us to possess comes through prayer. Faith empowers us to live always in the presence of God , always listening for His wisdom, choosing what is good in the 'eyes' of God, and following the path that Jesus has laid out for us to follow. Taste and see the goodness of the Lord!

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