Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog # 26 GOOD / BAD

Blog #22 GOOD / BAD "And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God." (Rom 8: 28). Those words from Romans took on a special significance for me years ago out in Idabel, Oklahoma where I was Pastor at the time. One day the water system in the City broke down. It was something real. Was it good or bad? Both. In itself to be without water was bad. But the Bible had taught and reminded me that everything could be turned into good for someone who loved God. So I began to think how this truth about all things, and God, and myself could be discovered and verified in my lack of water. For one thing, it was easier to appreciate the gift of water when I came back from offering Mass and visiting people in our mission in Broken Bow late that Sunday afternoon thirsty, and there was no water. Now that it was no longer available I thought how easy it is for us to take it for granted. And so with time and health and friends and opportunities to grow and to pray and to do good for others. It was good to be reminded of this truth. I reflected upon how wonderful and commonplace the gift of water is. We need and use it to wash ourselves our dishes and our clothing, to nourish our plants and garden, to float our boats for fishing, to quench our thirst and make it easier for sick people to swallow their medicine, to create a scene of beauty beyond a placid lake, to receive and express our faith in God through Jesus in Baptism, to cook our food, to fill a water pistol for children to play, and for swimming. All of that is good. Sunday evening I called some friends to discover the lack of water was not just in my own house but was general in the city. This reminded me of how we all share the same community life, and this was good. Then a neighbor brought me a jar of water she said she could spare, and that was good. Men were working generously to repair the problem and this was good. I prayed to God in thanksgiving for them and again for the gift of water and that was good. The problem was solved and the water came back and that was good. The letter to the Romans was true not only in Rome but in Idabel, Oklahoma, not only almost two thousand years ago but just a few years ago, and it is true in our reflection upon it right now as we share this story of a rather insignificant event on a particular Sunday afternoon in Idabel, Oklahoma, far away from Augusta, Georgia.. Thank You, Lord!

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