Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog #35 GOD THE CREATOR - now!

Blog # 35 GOD THE CREATOR - now! To say we believe in the Creator of all is not to say something about the past but about the present as well, and if there will be a future, about the future as well as the past. As long as creation exists, our faith in God will mean God is creating all that is. If God were not actually and currently responsible for the existence of all that exists,in past, present, or future time, then we would have to account for that existence by identifying another power that is responsible. Creation does not nor can not create itself from nothing, nor, in other words, create itself right down to its very existence, which is the meaning of the word to create in its strict sense. With that definition in mind there is no logical way we can identify two Creators of all that exists, two Gods. A second God is a contradiction in terms. Day by day, instant by instant, in all that is real about us and within us God is creating our unique eternal destiny, the name by which He will call us in judgment. But since we have the inviolable gift of freedom we are in a real sense privileged to be co-creators with God. Together, God sharing His wisdom power and goodness and we through obedience to our conscience are co-creators of our eternal destiny. Is this your insight into our faith in God the Creator? Can you see the profound difference it would make in the lives of all who share it? Several most significant questions are answered through an awareness on our part of the meaning of this insight. For example: Who is God? Where is God? What is prayer? How am I related to God and God to me? If God merely created things once and for all, "in the beginning...", then we have to go back to that point to contact God as Creator of the world and as our Creator, whether to praise God, to thank God, or to appreciate God as Creator. But if we see God as currently continuing His work of creative love then all that we see feel taste hear smell or imagine brings us into immediate contact with our Creator. Then all creation at every moment calls forth our praise and thanks to God almost as if it all had never been done before, as if God were creating it all just for us here and now because of His great love for us. Then, too, to say that God is everywhere has its full meaning and the legitimacy of prayer as conversation with God is assured. I can pray at any time in any place I may be, when and where God inspires me to do so. God is indeed the Creator of the world, and my Creator. All praise and thanks to Thee, my Creator-God, now and forever!

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