Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog # 33 The Golden Plover

Blog # 33 The Golden Plover - missions, people sent The golden plover is a small bird that migrates each year from northern Alaska and the Aleutian Islands to the Low Archipelago, beyond Hawaii, far out in the Pacific Ocean. The trip involves a nonstop flight of more than 2,400 miles! The migratng instinct is a fascinating one. God wills that the plover spends its summers in northern Alaska and its winters far out in the Pacific. It happens. But the birds are not shipped in cages. They have the instinct to fly, which is like an invitation, and wings. Do you remember the suggestion Jesus made that we "behold the birds of the air"? (Mat 6: 26). He told us the birds do not worry, like so many of us, about tomorrow, and stockpiles, and wealth. They fatten themselves and do prepare for the flight. They do build nests and gather straw. Then they have confidence in their instinct and their wings and fly the Father's will. What of us, the Christian people, the people who know the Father's love and the billions of people in the world who do not as yet know or believe in Jesus? "Go...make disciples of all the nations. Teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you." ( Mat 28: 19f). Isn't that at least an invitation? To wait for more would be like the golden plover waiting in the Fall in northern Alaska for God to come to ship him in a cage to Hawaii. Not all can go physically to far away places to preach the Gospel, but each of us can bring the Gospel message into our own heart and each of us can pray for the unityof the C hurch and for God's blessing upon our missionary efforts around the world. Thanks!

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