Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog # 32 God the Connector

Blog # 30 God the Connector This blog is a transcript of what I wrote in Idabel, Oklahoma years ago when I was a Pastor there. Last night I drove into Idabel from Cincinnati. Over eight hundred miles. Seventeen hours. Cincinnati is far from Idabel. Yet the two are Connected. Between Cincinnati and Idabel there are roads making a connection between the two cities. Roads connect. There were three of us in the car. We were going to the same place from the same place, Cincinnati, Idabel. That was a connection. But we were not three strangers to one another on a bus going to the same place. We were further connected by our friendship. But we were not just traveling from here to there and there to here on vacation, connected by our friendship. Rather we had gone to attend the funeral of another priest and friend, a Pastor in Daingerfield, Texas, who had died suddenly as he sat at his kitchen table one evening last week. Our friendship with him and the event of his funeral in Cincinnati was another connection that brought us together. We were connected in a single purpose. Miles and hours later I began to see more and more of the connections in our everyday experience that we sometimes overlook. I had walked out one night in Cincinnati and saw the same star formation there as we have here in Idabel. A connection. The language people spoke there is the same as it is here. Another connection. The sky is the same shade of blue and the temperature of the air was calibrated the same as it is here so many miles away. Another connection. More miles, more hours, more thoughts. Our breathing, our eating, our tiredness, our knowledge of one another, and our friendships are all connections, much like our roads, our sky, and the stars that connect us and tend to make us one. Through connections people places thoughts and love are drawn together and made one. After getting back to Idabel safely last night I knelt before the altar in our church and thanked the Lord. The question of connections came back. Is there one connection that ties all things and all places and all people together? Yes was the answer. GOD OUR SINGLE CREATOR IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN ALL THAT EXISTS ! In all things, everywhere, in everyone, may God be known loved and served now and forever! Amen!

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