Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog # 30 Where is God?

Blog # 28 Where is God? This blog is a transcript of a note I wrote back in 1982 when I was Pastor of a church in Idabel, Oklahoma. A reminder of a blessing I received years ago, it was a blessing again as I read it today. May it bring a blessing to you! One day a week or so ago in early evening, I was driving west on highway seventy just outside of Idabel and I saw God shouting His love to the world. Then last evening about the same time, I was sitting at my desk typing some notes and I happened to look out the window to the west and I saw the same thing, God, shouting His love to the world in the brilliant colors of the warm setting sun against the blue of the sky and the fluffy clouds. As the colors were shifting and their tones were being softened and finally turned to darkness by the sun going down behind my neighbor's chimney, I was left alone with just the memory of God's work there before me out the window. I lit the lamp on my desk and thought how much pleasure there had been in those two sunsets. Then I thought further. I could not remember just when I enjoyed a sunset last. With the exception of these two recent experiences I knew it was not in the past two weeks or even in the past month. I resolvled to pay more attention to the setting sun each day and to the wind and rain, to growing bushes and grass, and to the 'wild' birds. In all of thece cratures God is shouting to me and to all the world that He is with us,He loves us and He is waiting for us to shout back the echo of His love for us in our love for Him and one another. The beautiful creatures God places in our world are the same for all of us. But the amount of happiness and enjoyment each of us receives from His beautiful world is different. Some of the reason we all do not enjoy God's gifts more is the fact we do not even recognize them as such. Many people go down their lives for months without paying attention to the sunrise or its setting, let alone recognizing it as a gift from God. God is all around us in the world. But we have to recognize Him to love Him there. When we do form a habit of recognizing God in the wonders of nature we will soon find the joy there is in echoing back His love for us by making our lives a reflection of His goodness and love for us all. "...love one another as I have loved you."

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