Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blog # 330 A Masterpiece

Blog  # 330  A  Masterpiece

                  Think for a moment of a great artist in a paint store.  Moving about among the colors spread out on the counters, the artist selects several of them and brings them to his studio, The artist has a commission to paint a picture of a beautiful sunrise.  The colors chosen at the store are to be used for the painting.      

                     In order to play their part in the creation of the painting the various colors must 'give themselves' to the artist , some of them spread on the canvas just as they are, others blended with darker shades of the same color or lightened with white, but each of the colors poured out and recreated in the skill of the artist will share with the other colors in the  masterpiece.

                     We have a parallel with the artist, his colors, and his masterpiece in God's dealings with us who believe in Him. 

                     As there were other colors on the shelf at the store not chosen for this particular painting,  so there are some persons in the world who have not yet come to know the Lord personally, perhaps through no fault of their own. We know God wants all men and women throughout the world to share in the destiny of Jesus, but for the time being some do not know it, some do not believe.  We who do believe are like the colors selected by the artist. We know we have been chosen by Him to share in a very definite way in creating with Him together with other believers, a  certain reality which can very well be termed a masterpiece,  a fellowship, a brotherhood and sisterhood, a Vine, a Body, a Church.

                    In order to share completely in the plan of God for us, we must be  holy, change, and become like children, forgive and love one another as He has forgiven and loved us, reform our lives, be born from above, believe . Or as Jesus put it on another occasion, unless we take up our cross daily and come after Him we cannot be His disciple, we cannot share His destiny, we cannot die, rise, and be glorified with Him by faith even now in our everyday experience of life.  We remain merely colors rather than become part of  a beautiful sunrise.   

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