Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blog # 331 Notes

Blog # 331   Notes

Here are a few entries I made in a  pocket note book years ago.  I think I shared them in a  Blog about three years ago but I thought you  might have missed it then or, like myself, would be blessed by  capturing them again.

One ship drives east, another west
With the self-same winds that blow;
It's the set of the sails
And not the gales,
Which decides the way they go.        Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate;
                                                            As we voyage on through life.
                                                             It's the will of the soul
                                                             That decides its goal
                                                              And not the calm or the strife.
                             ****                         ****                    ****                     ****

                                                   THE HAND THAT MADE US IS DIVINE !

                                                                                              We expect a pro ballplayer to get a hit, run fast, tackle well, get the ball into the basket.  We expect the work of a  professional artist to be beautiful.  We feel confident in the hands of a highly recommended surgeon.  We follow the roads mapped out for us by AAA.  The Hand that made us is DIVINE!  What do we expect from God?   
How well do we trust Him?

                                                            ##                                      ##

      ...I  knew there would be a sunrise, but the pattern and color of the actual sunrise today was available only as it was happening.  God was alive and present for me.


By simply living we are constantly receiving God's gifts.  By faith, we receive God!

When sunset falls upon our day,
And fades from out the west,
When business cares are put away,
And we lie down to rest,
The measure of  today's success                          Is there beside some hearth  tonight,
or failure may be told                                           More joy because we wrought?
In terms of human happiness,                               Does someone face the bitter fight               
and not in terms of gold.                                       With courage we have taught?
                                                                               Is something added to the store,
                                                                               Of human happiness?
                                                                                If so, the day that now is o'er
                                                                                Has been a real success.

                                                           ((((                              ))))

                   The Great Conversation about things that matter most has been going on from the beginning of the creation of free human beings.  And now it is our turn!

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