Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blog # 344 God' Love

Blog # 344   God's Love

            In a family of two girls and two boys, there are many items in the house besides the children.
Toys, clothing, food, furniture, children, books, parents all go to identify the family.  What a difference there is in being one of the toys or one of the children!
             It is easy to see the advantage the boys and girl have over the shoes and shirts.  It is easy to see how much more pleasure and enjoyment the father of the family receives from his children than from their toys.  The father gets his money's worth from the toys just because they are toys.  They have nothing to say about it.  They make the children happy and they do the job for which they were made.
               But the children are different.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not what they should be.  Sometimes they bring joy, and sometimes they bring sorrow.  Sometimes they echo back the love of their father.  Sometimes when he speaks his love to them an echo does not come back. They are free to love, but by that very fact they are free not to love
                  So it is with God and the world.  He is a father too.  We are His children.  He loves us with an everlasting love. He shows that love to us from all angles, all day and all night.  He waits for us to echo back that love.  But we are free to ignore Him if we so desire, and go off to play with our toys, the world. 
                    When God invites us to echo back His love and trade our weak faltering human love for a share in His strong everlasting divine love, we are free to say yes or no. 
                     God's love made the mountains. God's love made the sea. God's love made each of us.
Our call is to discover God's love in ourselves and in all creation, rejoice in it, spread it among our neighbors, and echo it back to God where He keeps it forever with Him, our Father,  in Heaven our eternal home.

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