Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blog # 337 St. Anthony

Blog  # 337  St. Anthony

              About ten years ago, before my brother Ed died, I  had the opportunity of driving down to Florida to visit  Ed and two nieces living there.

                One of my nieces had told me of her nephew's approaching Confirmation and that he had chosen the name Anthony as a Patron. She wanted to get him a life of St. Anthony and  a small statue of  the Saint for his room but had not been able to find them close to home.

                  On my way back, on Interstate 95, I passed about seven miles west of St. Augustine.  I knew there was a large religious goods store there so I turned off the Interstate and headed for St. Augustine.

                    When I slowed down on the two-lane I noticed the car seemed to be tending to swerve to the right.  Then when I got to town it was  more noticeable.  After buying the life of St. Anthony and the statue I found a Ford place very close.  It was lunch hour so no one was on deck. There was a garage almost immediately next door and I saw one of the mechanics standing outside eating his lunch so I stopped there.

                   He diagnosed the trouble right away and sent me down the street a bit further to Old City Tire Company.  Though the treads seemed to be OK, my right front tire was coming apart!

                   What a different story this might have been if I had had a blowout at 70 MPH as I was driving along side an eighteen wheeler on the Interstate!   I imagined my niece telling her friends that St. Anthony saved my life, and I wouldn't deny that.

                      My Confirmation name is Anthony too.

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