Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog #9 Trinity

Trinity Today is Tuesday . On Sunday of this week we celebrated the liturgical Feast of the Holy Trinity, the Feast of GOD as revealed in the New Testament of the Bible as FATHER, WORD, and HOLY SPIRIT. Each year as we celebrate “Trinity Sunday” I find myself reluctant to let the day go. Twenty-four hours never seems enough to express and celebrate a Feast that focuses solely upon our explicit awareness of and response to the ONE TRUE GOD , Creator of all that exists, Redeemer of all mankind, and Sanctifier of all that will be made holy through being united personally in God’s eternal love. So join me now if you wish in expanding our celebration further into the week. Before the time of Abraham people feared loved and worshiped more than one god. There were gods of war of peace of love of good and bad weather of sickness and of health of birth and of death. Abraham received the revelation that all these many gods were temporary expressions of a single God, the GOD of gods, the only GOD. Followers of Abraham were identified as a community by their faith and worship of Yahweh. Than about two thousand years ago Jesus appears, born of Mary, an infant, a boy, a man, a carpenter, a rabbi, walking, talking, laughing, weeping, loved, rejected, dying on the cross. Jesus was obviously one of us. Yet he claimed to be more than we, infinitely more, equal to God, ONE WITH THE FATHER as he put it. He did and said things that only God should say and do. He worked miracles. He forgave sins. He made promises about life beyond the grave . He invited people to have faith and trust in him as they had faith and trust in God the Creator of all, to believe in the incarnation of the ONE TRUE GOD in Him. He rose from the dead and appeared again in various and mysterious ways for a brief time and then He went away. But before He left He promised not to leave us alone, without Him, “orphans” as He put it. He promised to send another divine advocate whom He called the Holy Spirit Who would remind us of all that He said and did and would bring the help we need to believe in Him as God’s BELOVED SON and THE Savior of the World. More than once He commanded His disciples to tell His story and to share their faith with all people throughout the world. “Remember I am with you always even to the end of the age.” I still remember the large pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of Our Blessed Mother that hung in my parents’ bedroom, the crucifixes that hung in the kitchen and in each of our family bedrooms and the small holy water font that was hung by the front door of our house. Then I remember how as a young priest I was impressed by the pictures in a doctor’s or a lawyer’s office that proclaimed and reminded them of their special love for wife and family. Somewhere along the line I developed a similar experience with regard to my awareness and appreciation of my faith in the Blessed Trinity. Convinced by faith of the presence of God always and everywhere, I began to seek and discover simple natural reminders and to me evidence of this mysterious total presence at any time in any place I might be. The experience was not intended to prove my faith no more than the pictures in the dentist’s office was an attempt to prove the love of his family. Both experiences sought to remember appreciate and grow in a particular identified love. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about. I will give you a few more tomorrow. Maybe we have been doing this together all along without realizing it or telling one another. Maybe not and you would like to discover it yourself for the first time. Maybe you enjoy beautiful colors in nature or in art. The primary colors are red yellow and blue, 1-2-3. The secondary colors are green orange and purple, 1-2-3. (ALL colors are present in white light. There is but one God!) All time is past present future, 1-2-3. All the rooms of the house are made up of floor ceiling and walls 1-2-3. Liquids are measured in pints quarts and gallons, 1-2-3.

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