Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog #11 The Somewhere Lady

Here is an imaginative poem that may stir your heart, written as it were, by a child that was born rather than aborted. The Somewhere Lady You must have had some problems--- I hope they’re over now--- But my Mom said you gave me LIFE And that’s tremendous---WOW ! I have a little dimple That I get teased about It’s there when I am happy And I’m happy quite a lot--- My Mom said it’s a beauty mark A gift that came from you--- It makes my Mom smile and laugh And I hope you’re happy too. I have the greatest Mom and Dad--- They love me I can tell--- They gave me my brother Jimmy And a sister, Mary Belle And a little dog that I can feed Who follows me around And a sunny patch of garden Where I plant seeds in the ground. I love them all so very much--- But I have to tell you too--- Dear Somewhere Lady, every night Before I go to sleep Who loved me such a heap! I thank you for my dimples And I thank you for my smile And even for my freckles And I promise you that I’ll Ask God and all the angels To take special care Of that extra super Lady Who lives out there somewhere. ICHTHUS is a Greek word for FISH. The early Christians identified themselves By the sign of a fish because the five Greek letters in the word stood for them as the first letters in the words of the phrase : “JESUS, SAVIOR, SON OF THE LIVING GOD”. Those words constitute a very good basic summary of our Catholic faith. The early Christians believed, as we do today, that in Baptism we are joined to Christ as one body; we are ’reborn’ in Him, we take on our name, a new identity, that of Jesus Himself, without losing our own personal unique human identity. May we understand this identity of ours in Jesus and live it out day by day as in Him we sanctify by our love and goodness goodness the small portion of creation we have under our control, beginning with our minds and hearts !

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