Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog #10 Trinity 2

Blog # 11 Trinity 2 Here is a continuation of the many fascinating ways we can be reminded of the Blessed Trinity in the course of an ordinary day. This single chemical formula H2O ( One true Triune God ) can be found in water in the form of liquid solid (ice) and steam 1-2-3. All time is located in the past present future 1-2-3. Up down across 1-2-3; more less equal 1-2-3; man woman child 1-2-3. animal mineral vegetable 1-2-3; sometimes always never 1-2-3; top middle bottom 1-2-3; length breadth depth 1-2-3; yes maybe no 1-2-3; left right center `1-2-3; morning noon night 1-2-3; before during after 1-2-3; good better best 1-2-3; at the baseball game three strikes and you are out 1-2-3; in a nine inning game 3x3 , 1-2-3,1-2-3. Money is available in the form of cash check and coin 1-2-3; a credit card fulfills its purpose and fits the pattern this way: the money it represents must be in the bank, we must activate the card before it can be used, and its fulfillment comes when we spend the money 1-2-3; in music sung in harmony three notes make one sound 1-2-3 in 1. And of course the shamrock of St. Patrick 1-2-3. Years ago we three Glenmary Missioners used to engage in outdoor preaching and tent meetings in various places in our seven-County parish based in Statesboro. Almost without being conscious of it as a newly ordained priest I had already formed the habit of making the sign of the Cross before beginning my comments on our evening Bible readings. One evening in the question and answer period of the service a man raised his hand and asked why I went like this as he made the motions of the sign of the Cross. The question sort of took me off guard because I knew I had been doing it by habit for so long that I really did not have a reason for it. It was just the thing you do as you begin to speak in the pulpit or dip your finger in holy water as you come into church. I don't remember exactly what I said that evening long ago but it was something to the effect that the sign of the Cross was an expression of our Catholic loving response to the death of Jesus on the Cross and a reminder of the Blessed Trinity in the words we used when making the sign. After this experience I was more appreciative of the sign of the Cross as a distinctive characteristic of our Catholic identity. It occurred to me later to see in the sign itself another reminder of the Blessed Trinity but also a reminder of the answer to one of the most important questions we can ask of ourselves : "Why did God make me?". The sign is made by placing our right hand against our head, "to know Him", our heart "to love Him", and our shoulders, " to do His will" 1-2-3. May the blessing of Almighty God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit descend upon you and remain forever. Amen !

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