Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog # 12 The Heart Pump

The Heart Pump Oxygenated blood enters the left atrium from the lungs. The left ventricle pushes the blood into the tissues. The deoxygenated blood then returns , via the veins, into the right atrium. The right ventricle sends it back to the lung where the process begins again. In a drop of blood the size of a pinhead there are about 5,000,000 red corpuscles and 10,000 white. Despite their microscopic size they are so numerous that if they could be spread out on a level plane, the area of all the corpuscles in our body would be twice the size of a baseball diamond. Tiny tubes called capillaries, connecting the arteries with the veins, not much thicker than this page and as long as this coma "," , are so numerous that placed end to end in a line they would reach across the Atlantic ocean. Such is the efficiency of our heart and circulatory system that every cell in our body receives fresh blood twice every minute - over 2,500 times a day. That means our heart pumps about 16 tons of blood daily. Our heart does as much work daily as our legs would do carrying us eight and a half miles on a level road. If it were not for the amazing efficiency of our blood circulation we would need 200,000 quarts of blood to keep us alive and well instead of six or seven. The heart is an 'involuntary' muscle. It pumps 'on its own', day and night, every day and every night of our lives. We tend to think of it only when it is in trouble. This is just one more way of missing out on an opportunity of being aware of and receiving an amazing gift from God, the heart of us all. What a design! What a gift ! ! What a God ! ! !

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